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KO-PANQUI (ko; water / panqui, where pumas live)

Ko-Panqui Lodge and Artist Residence is an exclusive lodge with bungalows, an event center, a rehearsal room, a bio-pool and relaxation areas, everything in harmony with the natural environment in which we are.

Ko Panqui is located in the Panqui Valley, 5 km. from the municipality of Curarrehue and 35 km from Pucón in the Araucanía region.
The center is surrounded by crystal clear waters of the Panqui River and offers panoramic views of the volcanoes;
Villarrica, Lanin, Quetrupillán and Quilquilin.

Ko-Panqui is a retreat for travelers looking for a place to rest in nature, as well as for groups of artists from various disciplines to develop their creations, artistic laboratories and productions.

Ko Panqui is a pet-friendly lodge.
We invite you to live together respectfully and with nature.


Curarrehue (in Mapudungun: kura rewe, 'Altar of the Stone') is a municipality in Chile. It is 152 km away from the regional capital Temuco. It is located in the province of Cautín in the Región de la Araucanía. To the west are the municipalities of Pucón and Cunco, to the east of the municipality is Argentina. In the South it shares a border with the community Panguipulli.
Along the road to the Mamuil Malal pass, you can see native forests of Pellin bill, Raulis and giant Chilean Araucarias. An approach to the border volcano Lanín begins at the pass road.

The first European explorations of the area took place after the founding of the nearby village of Villarrica in 1551. The origin of Curarrehue dates back to the occupation of Araucanía and the Conquest of the Desert by the Chilean and Argentine army respectively in the 1870s and 1880s when Mapuches were pushed by the Argentine Army through Mamuil Malal Pass into the valley of Curarrehue where they settled. Another migratory flow took place between the 1920s and 1930s, when Chilean families sought new horizons during the economic crisis and settled in Currarehue. Many of them found work in agriculture and cattle trade. 

There are the volcanoes Villarica (active) Quetrupillán (locally known as Mocho), Lanín (inactive of perfect cone) and Sollipulli (boiler type); the first are located in the Villarrica National Park, the foutrthis north on the road to Reigolil.