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Claudio Ansorena, Founder of Ko-Panqui, trained as an actor at the University of Chile and the School of Gesture and Expression "La Mancha", in 1996 he founded the art collective "La Patogallina" together with a group of artists from various disciplines. They stage "A Sangre è pato", an experimental play that seeks its own language and performs four years throughout Chile. In 1997 he also joined the aerial acrobat "Demencia Precox", with whom he undertakes a tour to the south of Chile. In 2000 "La Patogallina" performs together with the German theater company "Antagon Theater Action" on the banks of the Mapocho in Santiago. Claudio becomes a member of "Antagon" and goes with them to Germany. With the street theater spectacle "Equinox Terminal" they tour worldwide. Until 2003 he performed at festivals in Frankfurt, France, Spain, Cuba, Mexico, India, Romania, Poland. 
In 2001 he studied the traditional martial art "Kalarippayat" in a temple in India. Back in Chile he joins the "Kebrantahuesos Height Theater Company", which settles in the south and is performing to this day. In addition, he leads cultural artistic encounters between the original peoples of Chile and builds his art project "Panqui Range, Araucanía Chile region, called Ko-Panqui Lodge & Artistic Residence" on.
Minako Seki belongs to the 3rd generation of Butohdancers, she was member of DanceLoveMachine in Tokyo, since 1987 she lives in Berlin and is one of the most important Butohdancers and choreographers in contemporary Butohdancetheatre worldwide. 
In Chile she worked with Elias Cohen and directed for Teatro del Oraculo in Concepcion.
She performed in Chile inter alia in Museo Nacional del Bellas Artes in Santiago.
She created her own body-mind-training,  the Seki-Method.
Her last premiere was 2017
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Marjorie Chau, lives and works in Berlin since 2002, constructs oversized visionary dream worlds. In doing so, she uses a personal language of expression that incorporates choreographic and performative elements, interactive installations, sound and video, based on costumes of high creative impact. 
Chau studied acting at the University of Arcis in Santiago del Chile. Since her move to Berlin she has been involved as dancer and performer in several performances directing and choreographed by Minako Seki. In 2003 she founded a successful company, a project between performance, dance and acrobatics; in 2008 and 2010 she won the first and second prize of the Berlin Carnival of Cultures.
From 2012 she developed as an artist in a more personal and independent direction
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Anna Barros, Scenic creative, choreographer and dancer, performer and actress. Representative Dance Syndicate in a National Union of Artists. From 2000 to 2007 lived in Germany, working as a creative and performer in various artistic productions in the field of contemporary dance, theater and performance, touring festivals in Europe and Latin America. Member of the dance company "MINAKO SEKI COMPANY" in BERLIN. In FRANKFURT / Main she joins the physical theater company "ANTAGON TEATER AKTION" for two years. Since 2012 worked in the dance company "ABUNDANZA" directed by ISABEL CROXATTO. Currently director of the contemporary dance company ATOMICADANZA, creating the works "BI-POLAR", "TELÚRICA",  the public spaces interventions "Bipolar Experiment" and art body installation “SAPIENCIA”, among others . Some places where  her work has been presented: Tacheles Berlin, TanzFabrik Germany, Santiago National Opera, CHaCo Contemporary Art Fair Chile, Performance Biennial "Deformes" at Villa Grimaldi, National Museum of Fine Art of Santiago, Cultural Center Matucana100, Arts Festival of Valparaíso, National Museum of Art La Paz, Bolivia.
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Nils Willers Actor, director, producer, author, since 1982 he lives in Berlin, he founded several theatres in Berlin, was thirteen years member of an improvisation clowns ensemble, is co-founder of  Minako Seki Company and worked in Chile with Elias Cohen and Isabel Croxatto. In 2013 he performed with Abundanza "Narciso" in Estacion Mapocho in Santiago. 
At moment he is working at Theatre Ulm, the oldest city theatre in Germany,
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